“It’s time to climb up out of our escape pods and look outside to see where we’ve landed. On top of a mountain, like Noah? At the bottom of a rabbit hole, like Alice? Or are we on a vast and endless plain, ringed by ancient mountains… Let’s recapture that spirit, reset our psychogeography dials to zero, and prepare to be surprised and amazed all over again.”

~ Stuart Mangrum, Director, Burning Man Philosophical Center

We have so much gratitude to the artists and photographers whose work blossoms throughout these pages. Below, where available, we’ve included page-by-page artist and photographer credits.


  • Cover Photo: “Sunset on the Black Rock Desert” (Photo by Ron Worobec)
  • Liz Wang at sunset, 2018 (Photo by Jane Hu)
  • “She Swings Through The Air,” 2017 (Photo by Eleanor Preger)
  • Escargot Rapid Playa Transport Express (Photo by Ales Prikryl)
  • “Octavius” by Peter Hazel, 2016 (Photo by Wendell DeLano)
  • “Neverwas Haul” by Shannon O’Hare (Photo by Scott London)
  • Pink Lady Dancer (Photo by Jamen Percy)
  • “Hybycozo” by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu (Photo by Robert Bruce Anderson)
  • “Tree of Ténéré” by Zachary Smith, Alexander Green, Mark Slee, and Patrick Deegan (Photo by ricochet)


  • “Bee or Not to Bee” by Mr & Mrs Ferguson, 2019 (Photo Credit: Mark Nixon)


  • Annie by Leorie Gill; Annie and Molly by Leorie Gill

2021 THEME

  • “La Victrola” by La Victrola Society, 2016 (Photo by Mark Hammon)
  • “La Victrola” by La Victrola Society, 2016 (Photo by Leori Gill)
  • 2021 Theme Graphics by Domenic ‘DA’ Tinio


  • “Sinisteria and Shriek: A VR World” by Nicholas Liang and Juliana Loh (Photo by Carlos Austin)
  • Antwane Lee (Photo courtesy of the artist)
  • Julia Nelson-Gal (Photo courtesy of the artist)
  • Iona McNeil (Photo courtesy of Iona McNeil)


  • Larry Harvey (Photo by Maggie Hallahan)
  • Quest Skinner (Photo courtesy of the artist)
  • “Maya’s Mind” by Mischell Riley, 2017 (Photo by Susan Becker)
  • “Turn Your Life into Art” cover design by Domenic ‘DA’ Tinio
  • “Built to Burn” cover design by Domenic ‘DA’ Tinio


  • Alix Futur BRCvr avatar (Courtesy of Alix Futur)
  • Sacramento Spark (Photo by Don Reid)
  • “Luminous Lotus Virtual Temple” (Courtesy of the Luminous Lotus team)
  • “The SteamPunkin” (Photo by Olga Rodriguez Sierra)
  • “Wahad” by LILI-X-FALUJA, 2021 (Photo by Eden Orion)
  • Photos of signs & wicker man (Courtesy of Midburn)


  • John Curley, 2017 (Photo by Philippe Glade)
  • Aaron Singleton (Photo courtesy of Aaron Singleton)
  • Diver (Photo by Roth Hall)
  • “Temple of Intentions” (Photo by Kat Tan)
  • “Temple of Intentions Burn” (Photo by Austin Mao)
  • “Man Burn” drone show by Studio Drift, 2021 (Photo by Scott London)
  • “Man Burn” at Fly Ranch, 2021 (Photo by John Curley)
  • “Luminous Lotus Virtual Temple” (Courtesy of the Luminous Lotus team)
  • “AmberBurn” city at night, 2021 (Photo by May See)


  • Shirley Strong (Photo courtesy of Shirley Strong)
  • Sheila Bhardwaj (Photo courtesy of Sheila Bhardwaj)
  • House of Yes performers (Photo by Gurps Chawla)
  • Playa portrait by SuperSnail, 2000 (Photo by Julian Cash)
  • “Temple” by Shilo Shiv Suleman, 2021 (Photo by Gurps Chawla)


  • Arno Robin (Photo courtesy of Arno Robin)
  • Pedacito de la Tierra (Photos courtesy of Alight)
  • “Shelly the Crab” by Dustin Hoffman (Photo by Ales Prikryl)


  • Michael Mikel (Photo by Mark Nixon)
  • Jamie (Photo by Andie Grace)
  • Stingray (Photo by John Curley)
  • Gerlach group (Photo by John Curley)
  • The Oasis, aka the Gerlach Hotel (Photo by John Curley)


  • Ripple Project (Image courtesy of Ripple Project)
  • Larry ‘Ember’ Breed, 2002 (Photo by Bucky)
  • Land Art of the 21st Century featuring Geocatcher, Ricardo Solar Lezama, Jeremy Nguyen (Cover design by Paul Schifino)
  • Composting in Gerlach (Photo by Moon Mandel)
  • Labyrinth (Photo by Will Roger)


  • The Doggie Diner Head, 1996 (Photo by Christine Kristen)
  • Guy with feathers and flowers, 2016 (Photo by Stephanie Slama)
  • Launa Eddy (Photo courtesy of the artist)
  • John Marx (Photo by David C. Hill)
  • Gerardo ‘Quest’ Carrizales (Photo by Alfred Megally)
  • Gigi Gallaway (Photo courtesy of Gigi Gallaway)


  • Affinity Mingle, 2017 (Photo by Chuck Revell)
  • Star Star Roadhouse, 2019 (Photo by Dan Adams)
  • 10 Principles symbols designed by James ‘Wick’ Wickham


  • “Koro Loco” by Emily Nicolosi (Photo by Julia Nelson-Gal)


  • Crimson lights the Cauldron (Photo by Eleanor Preger)
  • Man burning, 2021 (Photo by Terry Pratt)


  • Bunny (Photo by Jared Mechaber)
  • “The Monumental Mammoth” by Tahoe Mack, 2019 (Photo by Dan Adams)


  • Cover Photo: “Sunset on the Black Rock Desert” (Photo by Ron Worobec)
  • Interior of card:“Posing at Sunset” (Photo by Dan Adams)
  • “Boom lift and scissor lifts at sunset” (Photo by Philippe Glade)
  • “Jocelyn“ (Photo by Juan P. Zapata) Sharon Smith practices tai-chi sword (Photo by Jane Hu)
  • “Cool Guy Dancing” (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)
  • “Smoke & Mirrors (A Fire Inside)” by Matthew ‘Timeless’ Welter, 2016 (Photo by Christopher Robin Blum)
  • “The Flower Tower” by Kevin Clark, Reared In Steel, 2018 (Photo by Dan Adams)
  • “Shrumen Lumen” by Foldhaus Collective, 2018 (Photo by Eleanor Preger)
  • “Uncle Ira” (Photo by Scott London)
  • Back of card: “Shrumen Lumen” by Foldhaus Collective, 2018 (Photo by LadyBee)
  • “The Black Rock Lighthouse Service” by Jonny and Max Poynton, 2016 (Photo by Playaman)
  • “Shelly the Crab” by Dustin Hoffman (Photo by Ales Prikryl)
  • “Mazu Goddess of the Empty Sea” by The Department of Public Arts, 2015 (Photo by Brian Wahlberg)
  • “Magic the Dancer” (Photo by Scott London)

2021 Dispatch Design by Tanner Boeger

Copy by Kirsten Weisenburger